Welcome to the Multi-Cultural Center of Sioux Falls

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The Multi-Cultural center of Sioux Falls provides experiences and services for all people to learn, celebrate, and share through our community’s cultural diversity.


The Multi-Cultural Center was established in 1997 and moved into our current offices in 2004, when the historic Coliseum of Sioux Falls was renovated as a community hall and event space.


Through our programs and services, we now work to support and build bridges between the diverse communities in our region.

What We Offer

A young woman sits reading a sheet of paper, while an older gentleman reads on and points to her sheet.

Our adult programs provide education and assistance to refugees and immigrants, from job skills to English language classes. Our programs also encompass community education as well as cultural events and celebrations.

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A group of children sit at desks facing the front of the room, where a teacher sits. All are raising their arms.

We offer six state-licensed youth programs for elementary and middle school students. Classes focusing on math, reading recovery, anti-bullying, and more provide education to students from diverse backgrounds. Our youth programs are all free of charge and offer a sense of community to the young residents of Sioux Falls.

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A woman in a hijab carefully looks through a folder of forms and papers

We focus on three key programs for all members of the Sioux Falls community: Interpreting and Translation services, Immigration legal services, and rental of the Coliseum event space.

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MCC will not participate, support or advocate for any political party, politician running for any office or political activity such as petition signing, rallies or allow space for political events. MCC will stay neutral on all political topics.