Community Engagement


What does Community Engagement mean to us?

Community engagement is about working with, and listening to, communities to build long term relationships. Through the development of those deep partnerships there is the advancement of creative solutions for community problems and the shared resource of each group for the larger enhancement of the greater community.

Why does the Multi-Cultural Center care about community engagement and what does it look like?

The Multi-Cultural Center cares about all of Sioux Falls. We know that Sioux Falls is a global city and that every diverse group is important to the larger success of our city. Therefore, we are strategically developing partnerships with city leaders (which includes business leaders, mamas, family leaders, and storytellers, community leaders) to create new partnerships and share resources that build a future in Sioux Falls that includes the narratives of all, for a better Sioux Falls. We are providing a brave space where the community can gather, and we are going to diverse events and bringing friends. These partnerships are part of the mission to provide experiences and opportunities for all people to learn, celebrate and share through our community's cultural diversity. 

Who is currently running the Community Engagement program and what credentials and experience do they have to lead this program?

The Multi-Cultural Center is currently in the process of hiring a Director of Community Engagement to further our mission. This role is responsible for managing the organization's relationships within diverse communities throughout Sioux Falls, fostering its' relationships with resource partners, and promoting overall community engagement. This position promotes information exchange, support, understanding, and ultimately, trust between all community partners and the MCC. 


What does the future look like for this program?

More relationships, partnerships, synergy, stories told and heard, opportunities, and shared experiences. Our organization has high hopes to multiply the number of people we currently have on staff to do community engagement and direct outreach. We know that Community Engagement is a cornerstone program at the Multi-Cultural Center, and we want to be the place where any community member in Sioux Falls can find connections, access valuable resources, and create a lasting impact.