Director Hiring Update

The Multi-Cultural Center Board of Directors is taking 60 days to explore an opportunity to align with another Sioux Falls non-profit. The mission and vision of the organization will be a focus as various options are considered, ranging from a management agreement to a merger of organizations.


A few reasons for this interest include:

  • A synergy can come from joining forces with other like-organizations. There is an opportunity to improve programming and eliminate the gap in services between organizations, thus better serving the client.
  • Responsible management of resources is an important non-profit practice. At a time when resource management is a challenge, there can be value in sharing or combining workforces; thus allowing greater financial resources to be directed towards mission.
  • MCC wants to relocate to a space that better meets the vision for the organization and how it connects people and resources within our community. There is opportunity to consider how the existing space of two organizations can be better utilized, together, before any additional investments are made.


Because this strategy could directly impact the skills needed to lead the organization, the board will delay the hiring of a new Executive Director, pending the outcomes of this exploration.  Earlier in the year, the Multi-Cultural Center began its search for its next Executive Director with the guidance of a Search Committee consisting of community members, partners and board members.