Meet Jay.

"I believe this is an organization worthy of the investment from our community. MCC provides all the resources and programming needed for our diverse communities to thrive in our city and contribute." - Jay Soukup

Jay first joined our board of directors in 2013, after hearing about the great work being done through his brother-in-law who also served on the board. After meeting with the director and learning more about the mission of the organization, Jay was voted onto the board and spent two terms serving. Shortly after joining, he recalls being made treasurer almost immediately and held that role for the majority of his time until he took on the role of Chair. He remembers that his first year was busy and he spent a lot of time learning to navigate the complex inner workings of a local non-profit.


While working with the Multi-Cultural Center, he noticed that there was a lot of confusion in the greater community surrounding the work being done and the programs being offered. After he brought this concern to the board, they went out into the community to do an informal survey and determine what the public perception was and answer any questions they encountered.


Over the past several years, a greater sense of transparency and clarity has been created and through our community conversations we know that the work Jay began has taken root and begun to flourish. Jay knows that in growing cities like ours, where diverse populations are establishing their own communities, organizations like the Multi-Cultural Center are important and necessary for the creation of cohesive partnerships. He is especially proud of the work being done by our Workforce Development Program; where any community member can find assistance creating a resume, applying for jobs, and preparing for interviews. He sees the need for services like ours and knows that we are actively impacting the greater Sioux Falls community through our programs!