The Faces of the Multi-Cultural Center

Meet Edwin.

Edwin immigrated to America more than ten years ago. He is deeply committed to providing resources to fellow Liberian immigrants in Sioux Falls.


Meet Pooja.

Pooja (pronounced Pooh-jaa) is the Chairperson of the Multi-Cultural Center’s Board of Directors as well as the Head of Internal Audit at Raven Industries.


Meet Ever. 

Originally born in Minneapolis, Minnesota and raised in Miller, South Dakota, Ever (pronounced Ah-vare) is one of our Spanish Interpreters who specializes in medicine and surgical translation. 

Meet Janell. 

One of the first people in Sioux Falls to conceptualize what a Multi-Cultural Center could look like; Janell is one of our original founders!


Meet Agnes. 

Born in the Sudan, Agnes immigrated to the Us in 2006. Agnes has been a client of the Multi-Cultural Center since 2014 when she arrived in South Dakota!


Meet Fartuun. 

Originally born in Somalia, Fartuun came to the United States in 2014 to pursue citizenship and build a new life. She has been one of our Workforce Development Clients since 2020.


Meet Heba.

Heba (pronounced Hee-bah) was born and raised in Libya and came to the United States in 2000. She is one of our Arabic Interpreters! 

Meet Aker.

Aker (pronounced Ah-keer) came to the United States as an immigrant through LSS in 1999. Aker works as one of our translators on staff at the Multi-Cultural Center!