Youth Programs

The Multi-Cultural Center of Sioux Falls offers a number of free youth programs for elementary school aged children.

Froggy Reads

Monday-Thursday, 3pm-5pm

Froggy Reads is an after-school reading recovery program for students whose first language is NOT English. English Language Learners (ELL) enjoy literacy enrichment activities led by a certified teacher and a team of assistants.


Natives Count

Monday-Thursday, 3pm-5pm

The goals of the Natives Count after school math program are to increase students' math and reading skills, while incorporating native values into the classroom. Students enjoy math enrichment activities led by a certified teacher and a team of assistants.


Native Youth Club

Friday, 3pm-5pm
K-5 students of all backgrounds are welcome to attend Native Youth Club.

Classes focus on teaching Native American traditions and culture. Examples of activities include sewing traditional regalia, learning Native languages, cooking, and listening to stories told by elders.


Mindful Yoga

Friday, 3pm-5pm

Students are taught both the physical and the mental aspects integral to the practice of Yoga, with the aim of improving their overall wellbeing. Led by a qualified instructor.


C.A.R.E (Cultural Appreciation, Respect, and Education) Camp

Monday-Friday, 9am-3pm - SUMMER ONLY
C.A.R.E. Camp is a STEM-focused summer camp and offers unique cultural experiences, recreational opportunities, nutritional education, and much more!

Past activities have included community gardening, picnics, science exploration and activities, the Forensics Lab at SFPD, the Great Plains Zoo, and visits to local state parks. Transportation is provided to our Center and home within established bus boundaries.


Ethnic Youth Day

Each year, Ethnic Youth Day celebrates youth and diversity for our middle school aged community, especially those who are new to the country.

A STEM career-focused one-day event, past activities have included a live video conference with NASA astronaut Lori Scott, extracting DNA from fruit at Sanford Labs, and viewing CAP and Avera Medical planes with Civil Air Patrol.


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All Youth Programs are offered free of charge.

A nutritious snack is offered to all students in our After-School Programs.

We are a state-licensed childcare provider and, as such, must be provided with student's immunization records before a student can attend our programs.

We offer transportation between our partner schools, the Multi-Cultural Center, and students' homes within these boundaries in Sioux Falls: